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The glitz and the glamour of European casinos draw in thousands of both experienced and inexperienced new work employees every year, promising the chance to work in a truly rewarding environment where no two days are ever the same.

In fact, job prospects in the casino industry are hot right now and expected to grow at a faster rate than other occupations of the next few years. This is because many European governments are looking to further exploit the taxation potential of this lucrative industry, especially those currently with struggling economies.

If you interested in starting a new and exciting career in the casino industry, then www.Employmentweek.com is for you. This site contains everything you need to know about all the different types of online gambling and casinos that provide well-paid work. Employmentweek.com also outlines all of the different jobs available in this diverse sector.

Types of casino currently hiring

If you’re a newbie looking to get started, before you do anything it is best to familiarize yourself with the main types of casino that are hiring. Below, we here at https://employmentweek.com/ have summarized the three main types…

Land-Based Casinos

A ‘land-based’ casino is simply a regular casino – the one which is built from brick and mortar. For example, Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas: both land-based casinos.

Not so long ago, there was really no need for this rather odd-sounding definition. However, nowadays there are, of course, casinos which are not ‘land-based’ (see the next two types), hence the need to differentiate these standard types from the rest.

Despite other types of casinos growing in numbers, land-based versions remain the most popular in terms of employment opportunities, with a vast range of both front-of-house and behind-the-scenes jobs.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have been around in one form or another since the 90s, when the country of Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade & Process act allowing for legal internet gambling to take place.   It wasn’t long before the first online casino software provider Microgaming was established (who are still going strong today), with dozens more following.

Of course, twenty years ago things were very different due to the obvious limits. For example, internet access wasn’t as widespread, dial-up connections were slow, the software was prone to glitches, and, in most countries, it was completely illegal.

Fast-forward to today, and the industry is bigger, better and more regulated than ever before.  These days online casinos offer a huge variety of gambling careers.  A big reason for this is because governments have slowly realized the benefits of online gambling taxation; as a result, more companies are setting up online casinos and using specialized software to run the whole thing. Consequently, there is a huge range of online jobs available in this growing sector, most of which are IT-based like programming and developing, as well as marketing, customer service, accounting, graphic design and more.

Cruise Ship Casinos

A final type of casino that can often employ hundreds of staff (depending on the size) is a cruise ship casino. When you think about it, putting a casino inside a cruise ship makes perfect sense because a) passengers tend to get bored after spending a week at sea and thus are in need of fun activities and b) these ships spend significant amounts of time in international waters, meaning individual country’s strict gambling laws don’t apply.

In general, casino jobs on cruises will follow in line with the kind of jobs available at land-based casinos, although you probably won’t find any valet jobs listed by these companies…

Normally, people working in cruise ship casinos might find their job responsibilities or shifts overlap with other related jobs. For example, a bartender working in the casino might also work the bar of the ship’s main restaurant. The reason for this is that often the cruise’s casino will be closed when not in international waters.

In Detail: Types of Casino Job

If you are looking for a casino job in Europe, it’s a good idea to know exactly what kinds of job are available, and what you will be doing for each one. Some of the larger casinos in Europe have staff of over 1,000 people working under various job titles. Here on www.employmenweek.com, we explain some of the most common positions in land-based casinos, online casinos and cruise ship casinos…

Land Based Casino Jobs / Cruise Ship Casino Jobs

Croupier / Dealer – the most famous and perhaps prestigious ‘front of house’ job in any casino, a croupier’s basic job is to run the game, normally single-handedly. For example, in a game of roulette they would take in the chips, call out ‘no more bets’ and spin the wheel, while in a game of blackjack their job would be to distribute the cards and manage player’s chip-payout. (Note. The words ‘croupier’ and ‘dealer’ are interchangeable).

Card Room Managers – In charge of monitoring all card game activity in a casino (and so normally has had previous experience of being a dealer or senior dealer). For example, a card room manager will respond to any problems or issues in any game which cannot be settled by floormen or pit managers

Floormen – these employees monitor games run by the dealer. Generally, there will be one floor man for every three tables, although this can differ. Generally, a floor man is there to solve minor problems that may arise in a game, as well as take any questions/complaints from players.

Pit Boss – a pit boss will manage the casino floormen. In most casinos, there will be only one pit manager (because the ‘pit’ refers to the whole casino floor) – although larger casinos may have more than one. As well as manage staff rotation and monitor all casino activity, a pit boss is responsible for all problems and disputes which cannot be dealt with by the floormen.

Casino Manager – most casino managers will come up through the ranks, normally starting out as a dealer (or even lower down such as a bartender) and then working their way up to floor man and then pit boss. Generally, a casino manager’s job will be in line with most other entertainment management jobs: to ensure the success of the business while adhering to strict rules and regulations set out by industry officials. Also, a manager will have to look after all other staff and deal with major customer complaints.

Slots – unlike card games, slots don’t really require that human aspect in order to be played by the customers. However, one popular job to do with slots is a ‘slot host’; these employees will welcome players to the machines, ensure all questions and/or problems are taken care of and the machinery is working correctly.

Technicians – casinos nowadays use more technology than ever, including both digitalized games and games using mechanical parts. Whenever there is technology being used with people’s hard-earned money, a technician must be on standby to fix any problems and repair broken parts.

Hospitality – a huge sector of both land-based casinos and cruise ship casinos is hospitality. As players often sit for hours on end at slots and tables, it’s only a matter of time before they get hungry and thirsty… The most common hospitality jobs are waiters/waitresses, bartenders, chefs, hosts etc.

Online Casinos Jobs

Chat Support – answer calls, emails and, for the more sophisticated online casinos offering top customer support, reply to instant messages. This can be regarding FAQs, game disputes, technical problems or payout disputes.

VIP Managers – a VIP Manager for an online casino must have a great working knowledge of how each game works, as well as excellent people skills to keep those VIP players happy.

Head of Casino – responsible for the success and smooth flow of all aspects of the online casino, including looking after staff, ensuring licenses are acquired, monitoring the website traffic, overseeing web marketing. Of course, this position would require combined casino and management experience.

Support Functions – these include numerous back-end jobs that ensure the smooth running of the casino website. Support Function jobs for most online casinos include specialized web marketers, IT support, finance and accounting, system development, web security etc.

We hope that Employmentweek.com gives you a solid understanding about some of the fun and diverse jobs that a casino offers. Whether you want to work in a land-based casino, cruise ship casino or an online casino, we here at https://employmentweek.com/ wish you luck on your search for a top casino job in Europe!