Employmentweek.com – Where to find job opportunities in casinos


If you are looking for job opportunities in the casino industry, take a look at our summary below. Here, we have provided some information about the most popular casino job search engines that you can use to land yourself that new job!

1. Indeed

Domain: Indeed.com

Link for casino jobs: https://www.indeed.co.uk/Casino-jobs

Overview: Indeed is one of the largest and most popular job search engines in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the site features a large range of casino jobs. Most of the casino jobs featured on the site require you to send a CV directly to the employer, or apply through the employer’s website. However, for certain jobs, Indeed does allow you to upload a generic CV and send it via the ‘Quick Apply’ button.

Latest jobs featured: Casino hosts, slot managers, receptionists, dealer game inspectors, poker supervisors, game dealers, F&B managers, web analyst, data analyst, surveillance manager, bartenders etc.

2. Total Jobs

Domain: Totaljobs.com

Link for casino jobs: https://www.totaljobs.com/jobs/casino

Overview: Totaljobs does not have as many featured casino jobs as larger job search engines such as Indeed, but a small inventory means fewer applicants and therefore less competition. Just like any sophisticated jobs website, users can filter results by controlling things like location, salary, experience level and date of ad posting.

Latest jobs featured: VIP Manager, games artist, seafarer’s jobs on a luxury cruise ship, marketing communications, customer service, developer, sales manager etc.

3. Monster

Domain: Monster.com

Link for casino jobs: https://www.monster.com/jobs/q-casino-jobs.aspx

Overview: Monster is a household name when it comes to job search engines, and is used by millions of people around the world (not just restricted to one continent or region like other sites). The vast range of casino jobs includes almost every kind of profession in both land-based and online casinos – as well as a few cruise ship jobs too.

Latest jobs featured: Casino host, technician, chip runner, gaming server, line cook, game supervisor, casino floor servers, executive casino host, cashier, casino janitor, bartender, casino security officer, casino greeter etc.