Employment Week – Privacy Policy

The admin team behind www.employmentweek.com aim to protect your online privacy at all times. Below, we have outlined our privacy policy for users of this site. This is in regard to how we may use, store and/or distribute the information collected from our users. All information in which you provide (both private and personal) will be managed accordingly.

Information collected from users:

Information collected from users may be able to be used to identify users (specific) or not (non-specific). Specific data may include information that is filled out in an online form such as names, email addresses or ID numbers. Non-specific data can include things such as a user’s IP address, GPS coordination or web browser.

Data usage

Data collected (either specific or non-specific as outlined above) by this website may be used for certain purposes such as identifying you as a user or return visitor to this website in order to enhance the user experience. Data may be collected and stored by the site for an indefinite period of time. Data collected will never be shared or sold onto another website or any other third party.

Protecting your privacy online

Sharing your personal data online comes with risks, especially when creating comments or sharing sensitive details in online forms. We advise that you comment and share your data at your own discretion and exercise caution at all times when using this site.